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noun, verb, -cled, -cling.
a chronological record of events; a history.
verb (used with object)
to record in or as in a chronicle.

When I was younger, I'd start a new journal every year to record events in my life. It started when I was engaged to be married (1988) all the way up to 2002.

I don't know why I stopped, but I miss it. I enjoy going back and reading my journals. Sometimes months would go by between entries, but I can remember exactly what was going on at the time. For instance, on February 20, 2000, I wrote:

"Oh, Lord, please help me to get motivated to do my artwork again...Please help Scottie find the job that you want him to have. I pray we have enough faith to get us thru this hard time. Help us to cling closer together and to hold hands tightly. -Amen."

I remember those feelings of uncertainty as my husband was looking for another good paying job, but coming up empty each week. The money was running out, I was working part time, and we had a 5 yr. old boy. It was a scary time. We went that whole year without health insurance....yet the Lord not only provided, He protected us.


The one thing I enjoy the most about going back and reading through those old journals is God's faithfulness to us. He used family members, friends, and prayer to help us get through the hard times. My journals are also filled with wonderful memories of the good times, too.

I am glad that I chose to write in those journals all those years ago. Now my son has a record of what his mom and dad went through in the early years of their marriage. He also has a record of how his God answered prayers and was always there. And now my son can feel assured that the God who never changes will always be there for him too.


It is no accident that we communicate in words. We were made in the image of God who chose to communicate with us in words.

I urge you to take time this year to write in a journal. Even if it is just one sentence a day. Record where you are spiritually. Record your hopes, dreams, and goals for the year. Record prayer requests and also when they are answered. Record funny things said, tears that were shed, and wounds that were healed. Then, be still and listen as He speaks to you through your thoughts, others around you, and the words in your journal.

You will relish the time this December when you read through the record of your life. You will smile when you see how far you've come and how the Lord brought you through it all. Your faith will be strengthened and your soul will rejoice.

....but most importantly, just write!

Your turn:  Do you journal? How could journaling help strengthen your faith? What keeps you from putting pen to paper to record your life as it happens?


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