Monday, July 16, 2012

In Whom Do You Trust?

As a writer, I often find myself looking for that perfect word to use in a perfect sentence that holds together a perfect paragraph.

Needless to say, I often fail.

But when I do succeed, it's a great feeling.

In Whom Do You Trust?

Last weekend I had the awesome privilege of traveling through the Tatra mountains into Poland on a sightseeing tour with three travel companions: Deidra, Diane, and Tanya.

These mountains are about 6,000 feet above sea level, so the air was cooler and the sights were lovely. It was a nice respite from the heat we had had in Slovakia the past week.

On the way home, however, I had no idea the Lord was planning another life lesson where the word for the day would be TRUST.

In What Do You Trust?

The little car we were traveling in began to have some trouble climbing out of the mountains. It simply refused to shift into third gear leaving all four of us ladies inside a bit worried. 

We stopped to check the fluids in the car, but all was fine. Yep, it had to be the steep incline. 

We all stopped and prayed and asked the Lord to relieve the anxiety we all had and to let Him know we understood His sovereignty. 

Four women headed out alone deeper into the mountains in a foreign country as the sun began to set. 

What is Trust?

After we made it to the next town and the car was still struggling, the driver, Diane, decided to stop and perhaps have us spend the night in this little town. We could tell she was very worried and we all knew how far away from our host family we were. 

I began to have some concern because I did not budget for another hotel stay. And I certainly did not budget for a bus or train ride back to Slovakia. 

So I closed my eyes...and prayed silently for guidance. 

Instantly, I heard the Lord tell me to ask Diane to call her husband.

"Why don't you call your husband to see what he thinks?" I asked. 

She agreed and stepped away to speak to him on her phone for a few minutes. I prayed some more.

A few minutes later, she told us her husband felt it was alright for us to continue since most of the way home now was downhill. He said we only had one more hill to climb and the car should be fine. 

I felt so much better. 

One more hill to climb...

Our God Is Greater

Well, we drove out of that little town into the mountains. And we began our climb. The little car struggled some more, but we kept going. 

The sun began to set. The rode we were on was darkening. A car passed once in a while. Four women alone in the mountains. 

I began to pray again. 

"Do you trust this car to get you home?" the Lord asked me. "Or do you trust ME to get you home?"

"You, Lord," I answered. "I trust You."

I felt that peace that comes only from trusting in the Lord. 

Home Again

And the little car made it out of those mountains. We all began to converse again, as women do when stuck in a car together. We talked about our marriages, running, mission work, our kids. 

I was never so happy to be in the presence of a wife who submitted to her husband than at that moment. 

What if Diane had been one of those wives who doesn't submit to her husband?  What if she had refused to call him because she thought she knew better than he did?  Or what if she argued with him and decided not to take his advice?

I thanked the Lord Diane did listen to her husband and in the end, listened to her Lord.

Whew! What a trip that was!  What should have been a 5 hour trip turned into almost 9 hours for us and even more for Diane and Tanya who still had another 2 hours to go until they got home. 

My travel companions...Deidra, Tanya, and Diane. 

Word Lessons

So the word for that day was TRUST. 

I learned more about that word that day than I ever thought I would.

I wanted the Lord to see I trusted Him more than that car. I knew He was with us and no matter what was His will not ours. 

And His will is perfect.

So, today my question for you is, in whom will YOU put your trust?

Think about it...



  1. I'm glad everything turned out okay!

    In this crazy writing journey, I'm learning to trust Him and His timing. Definitely not easy, but necessary. Oh, so necessary!

    1. Me too! We were scared but knew God was with us.

      Yep, keep writing...keep dreaming...and keep trusting in the Lord. His timing is perfect. I keep telling myself that everyday. What an adventure!

      Thanks Lindsay!