Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Research Fun??

Ah, writing. I have come to find that writing a book is never boring....sigh.

Writing is never boring for many reasons, of course. And because it is never boring, I decided to start my official "author" blog now that I am a published writer. This blog will be the place to comment on my books, ask me questions, learn about the writing process, and well, learn more about me!

On Mondays, Lord willing, I will post about writing and the process. I hope to provide tips of the trade and links to what others are writing on their blogs!

On Wednesdays, again, Lord willing, I will post about Faith in Christ. I hope to write about personal issues I have dealt with or will deal with. But I also hope to post links to inspiring posts by other bloggers.

Finally, on Fridays, I will post about what is happening in the world today. You will find I am passionate about the political arena from the Christian worldview, since I am a Christian. But I promise my posts will be informative and not just provocative.


Research. Can It Be Fun?

The best part of writing a book, for me, anyways, is RESEARCH!

But it is also the most arduous too. When I wrote "The Dragon Forest", I wanted to make sure my details about the castle, the dialy existence of its citizens, seemed real to the reader.

Now that I am writing my first YA Christian Fiction book series, "The Warfare Club", I am back to researching and loving it. But, as with all things in life, I hit a major snag:  I messed up the setting. I completely got the dates wrong! And I had already written 3 whole chapters on that setting that now need to be rewritten.

Oh how humbling it all is!  I am so grateful that the Lord helped me see the erorrs now...rather than later when a reader sends me a strongly worded letter detailing all the errors!

God is good. And kind.   ...and patient.

Yes, research can be fun for a book project! Research can add those details to your scenes that draw in your readers to your world...whether fictional or historical. But never let research take over the project and bog you down.

Always remember your story is the point! Your readers want to know what happens next. Great writers know how to add those details AND completely enthrall their readers.

Just write!

Your turn: What research have you conducted for your projects? How can research for a book project be fun to you?

Blessings and welcome to my blog!



  1. Yay for your new blog!! I look forward to reading it regularly.

    I haven't had to do actual research for my book, but it is important to make sure that details are authentic and as real to life as possible.

  2. Yay! Thanks for visiting.

    I find the more I write about topics I already am familiar with, the better my writing and research is. Lord help me if I ever decide to write that military science fiction novel!