Friday, September 14, 2012

Books or Movies?

Yesterday, I had a writing prompt about books on the board because on September 13, 1916, author Roald Dahl (James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, etc) was born. Many think the books were far superior than the movies that came after them.

So, my students and I discussed whether we prefer books to movies

We all agreed that it depends on the book!

I saw JAWS many times before I ever picked up the book. I was very disappointed! The book read like a soap opera at best. The movie, however, was superb! Wildly scary and imaginative, I never looked at the ocean in the same way again. 

I saw all of The Lord of the Rings movies years after trying to read through the books. I felt the movies were better for me, as a visual person, because I needed help "seeing" all the characters and settings. Now, after seeing the movies, I can read the books and enjoy them.

I read The Hunger Games before seeing the movie...and I enjoyed the book much better than the film!

Then, I watched all the Harry Potter movies in one week...long before I ever read one of the books. Afterwards, I began reading them and LOVED them! I am in the fifth book now. 

Now it's your turn! Do you prefer books over movies or does it depend on the title for you too?

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  1. Like you, it totally depends on the book/movie for me. :) I'm with you on Lord of the Rings--I read all the books and devoured them, but it was much easier for me to get into the movie.

    1. Yes! The LOTR names were pretty tough for me too. I couldn't read Eragon for the same reason. But that movie stunk. Lol!!

      Thanks Melissa. See you soon!!

  2. Can't wait for Lindsay to read this post! YES!!! It depends on the title. I kinda liked JAWS the book, but I liked the movie more. And I had a harder time reading LOR because the names, but had no trouble keeping up with the movie!
    Happy Weekend!

    1. I agree!! The names and lands in LOTR were tough for me. I am so visual that I have to see the movie first. Now that I have seen them all, I am intrigued!

      I guess that's why my book is so descriptive and visual. I wrote it like I saw it in my head.

      The Godfather movie I enjoyed more than the book too.

      Thanks Jessica! See you next week!

  3. Bah, Jaws!!! Curse it!! Curse it, I say! Both the book and the movie would give me nightmares, I'm sure.

    I tend to like the books better. If I see the movie first, it's really hard for me to then read the books.

    1. Ha ha!! Trust me, the movie JAWS is way better. I did like JAWS 2 book better than the movie though.

      I liked Narnia books better than the movies. I think my imaginary Narnia was better.

      Cant wait until next week!!