Friday, March 23, 2012

The War on Women

In the political arena lately, the media has used the phrase "War on Women" ever since Sandra Fluke testified before congress demanding that tax money pay for women's contraceptives.


Is this the fact that some women in America have to drive over to Planned Parenthood to buy cheap contraceptives because we tax payers don't want to pay for them an actual War on Women?


It's just political rhetoric used to cause trouble for political candidates.

The Real War on Women

Nearly 1,000 women were killed in Pakistan honor killings last year alone. Women in Muslim countries have to wear Burkas that cover their entire bodies.

Sharia law allows for women to walk behind their husbands, not be able to drive, and not to vote. 

In Morocco, a 16 year old girl commits suicide because her father and her religion forced her to marry her rapist.

That is the real War on Women.

And where is the outrage from Sandra Fluke and the other Liberal women out there? I still hear the silence.

Although at times all I hear is the ridiculous outcries from American women about how they should be able to get free contraceptives and federally funded abortions.

TRUTH seems to be the casualty in this War.



  1. We definitely take for granted what we have, don't we? We forget others' sufferings so easily when faced with what SEEMS daunting in our own lives (I'm not talking contraceptives, etc., here, just struggles in general). Not to downplay what we go through in our own lives, but how often do I pray for the women in other parts of the world who are suffering in such brutal ways? Not enough, that's for sure.

    1. I know, Lindsay. Good point! When I read that article about that young girl trapped by her father and her religion so desperate as to kill herself, I just couldn't fathom that type of sorrow and desperation.

      We Americans have no clue! ...and I need to pray more for these women too.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Amen - I posted this on my Facebook - cannot believe how much our nation is buying into this entitlement.

    1. Thanks for reposting Heather! The more the truth is out there, the less chance the lies will prevail.


  3. I think men have gone to war for lesser reasons than this. It's outrageous and evil that these things happen. I can't imagine how the female relatives of these women, their children, and other loved ones cope with this tragedy. If only women ruled the world.

  4. @Jillian Kent, I don't believe that women ruling the world would make it any better.

    Of course, I'm inclined to be cynical about this, but I believe that we'd still be having the same types of conflicts, only with more of them directed at men, and the people who'd nip to the head of the line and try to take over would be the same women currently driving the feminist free contraceptives movement. I believe that the only answer to these problems in our world is God's loving intervention.