Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Draw Near

"But as for me, the nearness of God is my good..."
Psalm 40:28

One of my favorite workouts is to run up North Mountain because of the incline. For those of you outside of Phoenix, AZ, it's not really big enough to be considered a "mountain"...more like a big rocky hill...but it is big enough for a great workout!

Another reason I enjoy it, is for the view from the top. You get a 360 degree view of the Valley and on a clear day it is refreshingly beautiful. I especially love the view when a summer storm comes rolling into the Valley.


But for me, the time alone with God is main reason I love this workout. I find to be near Him is the ultimate reward. I stand up there, out of breath from the run, and just spend a few moments thanking Him for so many things:

  • The ability to run and exercise
  • My son
  • My husband
  • Our home
  • Our lives
  • My parents
  • My siblings
  • My friends

And on and on and on...

When I am up there, sometimes other people are around me, but that doesn't keep me from worshiping the Lord. I find a spot to just talk to Him and listen to Him.

This life can get hectic with taking kids to school, report cards, doctor appointments, dentists, orthodontists, work, meetings, cooking, cleaning, writing....

The Psalmist had it right when he wrote that the nearness of God is our good. 

A friend of ours who is a Muslim convert to Christianity once told me what made him come to Christ was how the Christian missionaries told him how God is near. In Islam, God is far off and impersonal. But in Christianity, He is near...and relational and longs to be with His own. He said this attribute is what endeared him to the Lord.


I know what he means. Imagine the Creator of this universe wants to be near to YOU. Not for His sake...He is eternal and has no needs. But for OUR sake!

As for me? The nearness of God is my good....all the days of my life. I pray this is your prayer too.

Your turn: What about you? How do you draw near to the Lord?



  1. Yikes, I've never run up North Mountain. Just hiking it is enough of a workout for me! :P

    I draw near to him by blasting praise music and singing/dancing with abandon. There's something about music that stirs my soul.

    1. I can see you doing this, Lindsay!! The Lord gave you that love of music. :)

  2. I draw near when I'm on my walks. My head is clear, I'm surrounded by His handiwork, and I pray.

    1. Those are the BEST walks, aren't they? I'm glad you get the most of your time alone with Him.

      Thanks for visiting, Keli!