Friday, March 30, 2012

Media Madness


of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one race  or the races of humankind.
arising, occurring, or existing because of differencesbetween races  or racial attitudes: racial conflict; racial motivations.


Today there is a major media firestorm over Florida all because of an incident that happened over a month ago.

A police officer shot and killed a 17 yr. old young man.

This, unforuntately, happens all over the country, however, the main reason we are even reading about it in the mainstream news is because the 17 yr old victim was black and the police officer was not. 

We are hearing so much about the case because the police officer was not charged with a crime.

We are hearing about this case because it fits the narrative.

But I want you to take a look at the photograph of the young couple above.

Have you ever seen them before?  Do you know their names?

If you live outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, you probably have never seen or heard of them.

But I have. 

I know their names. And the only reason I know their names is because I read blogs and not newspapers. I read blogs and it was the bloggers who spread the news of what happened to this young couple on the night of January 6th, 2007.

Murder in Knoxville

The girl was Channon Christian, 21, and the man next to her was her boyfriend, Christopher Newsome, 23. 

On January 6th, they were driving around Knoxville on a date. Their SUV was carjacked by five suspects who kidnapped them, took them to a house, repeatedly raped both of them, beat them, tortured them, then murdered them. 

Christopher was taken to the railroad tracks. He had been bound and gagged and shot in the head execution style. They poured gasoline on his body and set it on fire. It was found by a passerby. 

Channon was kept inside the house for four more days where she was raped and beaten until her body was stuffed into garbage bags inside a garbage can. She suffocated to death.  Her body was found two days later  inside the house. 

So why wasn't such a brutal crime reported all over the country? You'd think such a case of car-jacking would be reported, right?

It would seem the main reason this case was never reported outside of Knoxville was because all five suspects were black and the victims were white.

Racial Profiling?

I have been keeping up to date on this case since 2007. Most of the defendants were sentenced to death for the crimes and yet not one mainstream news story has covered this crime.

Yet there was major media coverage of the Duke "fake" rape case against the lacrosse team in 2006 and now we have major media coverage of the crime in Florida.

So, why hasn't there been one story about this poor couple since 2007 outside of Knoxville? Oh CNN covered it briefly in May 2007, but they claimed it was White Supremacists who probably committed the crimes.  

Is there media bias? Is the mainstream media racially motivated? 

You tell me.

I believe there was media black-out because Channon and Chris's case doesn't fit the Liberal media's narrative. It's taboo to point out when an African American commits such an egregious crime, right? Reporting on such a crime might cause riots. 

We aren't supposed to talk about such things. 

What about the feminist outrage? Channon was brutally raped over four days. Why didn't the N.O.W. feminists cry out for justice for Channon?

Imagine if the roles were reversed and five white men committed this crime against a young black couple.  It would have immediately been called a hate-crime.

Five Years Later...

Almost all the trials in the Christian/Newsome murder case have been completed. There is one more to go because of one reckless drug abusing judge who presided over one of the trials. 

Now the poor families must endure the trial one more time. All that testimony, the photographs...the reliving it over again. 

And I am not the only blogger who noticed the lack of media attention to this horrendous crime. 

LaShawn Barber blogged about it

Michelle Malkin blogged about it

Hot Air blogged about it

I was reminded of this case over this past week with all the media coverage and protests in Florida.

I long for the days when the media was objective and wanted to report the facts to inform the people.

Am I naive?

Did those days ever truly exist?

I'm beginning to think no. They never did exist. 

If you can, take a moment to pray for Channon and Chris' families to endure through all the pain. 

Pray for the murderers too. Pray for their souls. 

Pray for our country. We need it.

Your turn: Does the Media have Racial motivations? 


  1. Has it really been 5 years? I learned about this case from the same sources you did...the details are so horrific that it is hard, hard reading.

    1. Yeah. Those poor parents. Heartbreaking that they have to start all over again because of that stupid judge.


  2. How sad! And I agree with you. I don't understand this at all.