Friday, April 27, 2012

The Real Secret Service Scandal

Human trafficking is now the fastest growing criminal industry worldwide.

The Real Scandal

So our President doesn't want to talk much about the Secret Service Scandal. Instead he wants to talk about lowering the interest rate on school loans.

But no matter how many times President Obama asks us to look the other way, the scandal continues to get worse as we discover that Secret Service Agents have been indulging in prostitution for many years.

What makes this even worse is that the prostitutes were probably victims of human trafficking.

The Real Issue

What does this have to do with me? you might ask.

Well, the fact remains that 80% of victims are women and 50% are children.

Many U.S. teens are coerced into prostitution. Many U.S. teens prostitute themselves out to earn money for clothing, drugs, or alcohol.

Many U.S. teens are kidnapped and taken to other countries to use as sex slaves.

According to the Human Trafficking Awareness Coalition, thousands of sex trafficking victims were sent to the United States during the Super Bowl week for those looking for sexual entertainment.

The majority of these victims are under the age of 18.

The Real Facts

Now that the scandal has spread to El Salvador, it is probably true that the prostitutes the U.S. Secret Service agents had sex with came from sex trafficking connections.

"Given our policies designed to help governments prevent sex trafficking, it's not in keeping with the behavior that we want to advocate and display ourselves," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, said recently.

Given all this information, I wonder when the President will address these issues. I wonder when he will speak out against human trafficking. I wonder when he will get outraged. I wonder.

Probably right after he's finished campaigning on the Jimmy Fallon show.

But the sad truth remains. Many young men and women all over the world are abducted into human trafficking and are enslaved. Experts put the number at 27 million. Many are enslaved in sex trafficking rings. Many die while in this bondage.

The more this scandal is hidden in the media...the more these human trafficking monsters get away with this heinous crime.

Keep it in the media. Pass it on...



  1. Thanks for helping to bring to light this horrible crime of sex trafficing of our youth. Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona 2011, inviting YOU to join the Let Hope Rise Movement and support the rescue and redemption of victims of sex trafficking:
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    1. Thanks Peggy! I saw your post on FB and wondered if I'd hear from you.

      I will definitely check out this video. God bless her for making this issue her platform.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. So sad. So, so sad that this is the fate of so many women and children. My heart aches for them.

    1. I know. A tragic reality. When we saw that movie "Taken" I explained to Nathan that women actually are kidnapped all over the world for sex trafficking. He was shocked.

      We need to warn our kids that they are the target of these sick monsters out there.

  3. This sickens and breaks my heart. My daughter knows about trafficking because my most beloved ministry is Project Rescue, although trafficking is getting just as big over here as well. She hasn't seen the movie yet, but our kids need to be aware, I agree with your above comment to Linds. Great post!!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Perhaps some good can come from this scandal in that human trafficking will be in the forefront and get people talking about it. So many people just don't know.

      Thanks for visiting! I really enjoy your blog too.


  4. Thanks for shedding light on such an important issue, Ruth. The Lord is stirring --> another friend posted about this today. Those captives need to be set free!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Susan. Yes maybe something good will come out of all this ridiculous scandal.

      I hope these grown men realize that they were helping to keep sex trafficking around. Sick

      I enjoy your blog too! I joined your email list.