Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Fun!!!

"May the force be with you....always."

It's that time of year!  Summer movie fun!

I was ten years old when my brothers took me to see STAR WARS for the first time. And my life was never the same. That's the great thing about movie magic!

I mean it, my life was NEVER the same! Neither was America. After STAR WARS, summer movie fun in 1977 took on a whole new meaning.


Technically, JAWS was the first summer blockbuster, meaning people went to see it over and over again in one summer season. 

But STAR WARS remained in theatres for an entire year! That was unheard of. See, kids, there was no cable TV back then. No HBO, no VHS, no DVDs, and no BluRay. 

If we wanted to see a movie, we had to see it in the theatres. And we did...over and over again!

I saw STAR WARS 26 times that summer. I dragged anybody and everybody to the theatre to see that movie. I stood in long lines in the hot sun, but every time that 21st Century Fox trademark came on screen to that fanfare and snare drum music, I got chills. 

Yep, after STAR WARS, I began to dream and invent stories and live inside my head. Movies can do that to a person. I know many famous directors today say they owe it all to STAR WARS. 

Yep, summer time means GREAT movies to watch!  I still love waiting in the lines, anticipating the movie previews, and then, when the theatre goes dark and the movie starts...

I am ten years old again sitting in the Cine Capri watching STAR WARS begin!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Gotta love it!!

Your turn: So what's your favorite summer blockbuster movie of all time? What movies will you see this summer in the theatre?



  1. I just want to thank you for posting a JAWS poster! :) I love that movie! LOL And I can't wait for Lindsay to read your blog today and see that as she has NEVER watched it and claims she never will. We must do something about this!

    I saw Star Wars with my family at the Drive In! I loved going there, with blankets! Sitting outside watching a movie. Awesome. Summer movie fun definitely includes drive-ins!

    26 times? Wow!

    1. Yes! JAWS is the perfect summer movie...unless you live on the beach. Ha ha!

      I can't believe Lindsay hasn't seen it! We watch it a couple of times each summer. A classic scary movie!!

      Yep, I'm a STAR WARS geek, what can I say. Although I hate what George Lucas has done with the series as of late.

      Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Ha, Jessica Patch, nice try in getting someone else on your side!!! Never, never will I watch Jaws. I say it again. NEVER!!! Hahahaha.

    But Ruth, to answer your question...I love movies in the summer. I think the one I anticipated most was the Harry Potter one (I think it was #7 Part One?) that came out a few Julys ago. What else is coming out this summer? I already saw Avengers...

    1. Well, if you do see JAWS, you'll never go swimming alone again! Ha!

      The last Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, comes out soon and the Amazing Spider-Man comes out too! Can't wait to see those!!

  3. Ruth,

    Cine Capri was a temple and Star Wars was song #1 of the hymn book. Remember the golden scalloped curtains slowly rising to the ceiling? That theater was the only one in Phoenix to show the movie, before Hollywood realized how much money could be made by showing a hit movie in multiple venues.

    Before that blessed event, I saw the trailer to Star Wars at a drive-in. My family and I thought it was a weird sci-fi movie, not truly knowing that it was a fantasy space opera that would influence so many of us.

    1. Yes!! I remember everything about the Cine Capri! That was my favorite place to see Star Wars. We were sad when they tore it down.

      Yeah when I saw the trailer for Star Wars I didn't want to see it. I thought it would be boring. But my brothers convinced me to go and, well, the rest is history...

      Thanks for visiting!