Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Who is This Jesus?

Who is This Jesus?

Some say He was just another good man, or a community organizer like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Well, let’s compare the two men…

Was the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr.  predicted thousands of years before it happened?

The birth of Jesus was.

His birth fulfilled many prophecies:

Is  11:1-5-  Born from the line of Jesse
Jer 23:5-6 Born from the lineage of King David.  Called LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Is 7:14-  born to a Virgin
Is 9:6-7-  A Son on the throne of David- called Mighty God
Micah 5:2- One Ruler born in Bethlehem
Number  24:17- Wise men would follow a star

Was the birth of MLK predicted to such detail?


What about the life of MLK? 

He was a decent man who took up a cause and helped bring to light the horrific treatment of minorities.  He made many sacrifices and even received death threats to himself and his family. He had many followers who devoted their time and talents to his cause.

And the life of Jesus?

We see in the Bible that Jesus was not just another ordinary man.

 Oh yes, He also did good things, sacrificed His time, brought to light the horrific treatment of minorities, received death threats, had many followers who devoted their time to His cause.

But Jesus proved He was more than a mere man…

Luke 8:25-  He showed His followers that the Natural obeys His commands.
Luke 8:26-39-  He showed His followers that the Supernatural obeys His commands.
Luke 8:45-48-  He showed His followers that Disease obeys His commands.
Luke 8:40, 49-56- and finally, He showed His followers that even Death obeys His commands.

Jesus, walking the earth in the form of Man, showed all of His followers that He could defeat all forms of evil:

Natural    Supernatural   Moral

As you can clearly see, there is a remarkable difference between good man Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ .

Next time I will show who Jesus said He was when He walked the earth….and He didn't call Himself “good”  or a community organizer, or a teacher.

He called Himself God, fulfilling the scriptures:

“…and his name shall be called
Wonderful  Counselor, Mighty God,

(Deut. 10:17Neh. 9:32Jer. 32:18[Ps. 45:3])


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