Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dream A Little Dream...

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
 he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” 

Ever had one of those days?  I seem to have more and more of those days lately.

I honestly feel the Lord is trying to tell me something. 

And just when I think I've reached my limit...the Lord reveals something wonderful to me and makes me smile. 

He's just that kind of a Savior!

Most of you know I am a writer. My first book, The Dragon Forest, was released last year. I have worked hard to market my own book since my publisher is a smaller publishing house. 

I have sold copies of my book at speaking engagements, writing workshops, and even at the ACFW Writers Conference this year. 

God is so good. 

Advancing Toward the Dream

Today I found out my publisher, OakTara Publishing, wants to contract me this week for The Dragon Forest books 2 & 3.  And they are interested in a fourth book I am writing. 

Yay! I'm advancing confidently in the direction of my dreams!   

Again, God is so good. 

But for me, the biggest treat this week so far came unexpectedly. You see, I was up in my classroom feeling pretty low. It's been a rough week and I wanted to be still for a moment. Then, someone came to get me in order for me to help out at the pick-up line. "Sure," I said. I always try to help out when I can. 

Then, when I got to the pick-up area, I saw a little girl in line reading my book. She was on the last chapter. She smiled at me because she knows I am the author...and I smiled a grateful smile at her. 

I turned and saw yet another girl reading my book! And earlier in the day, I saw two more students reading my book. 

Suddenly, I understood what the Lord was trying to tell me. 

He's just that kind of a Savior. He gives us our dreams.  Thanks, Lord. 

Because of word-of-mouth marketing and a Dragon Forest art contest we are holding at the school where I teach, more kids are interested in my book. 

It's the little things that matter. 

Endeavor to Live

You may be a writer thinking that you have to have that perfect critique partner with contacts in the publishing world in order to make it...attend that HUGE writers conference in the big city...or sign with  a top literary agent...and have a big time publisher knocking at your door.

All those things are nice. 

But all those things aren't necessary. What you need most of all is good writing and a good story. 

Frankly, I spent a lot of money to attend the ACFW conference this year and wasn't all that impressed. I felt out of place since my genre isn't very popular in Christian Fiction. I had a hard time meeting people and networking. To me, a smaller conference would have been a better fit. 

And a literary agent is nice, but just because you sign with one doesn't guarantee a sale to a publisher. I know writers who have agents and are still hoping for that contract.

My advice?  

Keep working at your writing!  Read about the craft, attend conferences, and keep writing no matter what. 

Keep dreaming that dream!

Work hard at each scene. Send out your query letters and don't quit even if the rejections come in. 

That's what I did and I am writing my fifth book with an interested literary agent wanting to see it when I'm finished.  

Because that's how God works!  He is that kind of Savior. 

He is involved in even the smallest aspects of our lives. He gave you your story and your talent. Use it to glorify Him and you'll never go wrong. 

I am sending the first $1,000 in book sales from The Dragon Forest to a missionary in India working with the locals to set up sewing centers that help families earn money. The Gospel message is preached in those centers daily. God is using my little book to further His message of hope to the world. 

God gave me my story...so I am giving back to Him. 

You know, just when I thought my week was going to be awful...I see my book in the hands of a child. The book edges are bent and tattered because many students have read it. A most beautiful sight to any author!

I was wrong again. 

God is good. 

God is kind. 

He's that kind of a Savior.

Keep writing! Keep advancing confidently toward your dream...endeavor to live that life you've imagined...and never quit dreaming. 

Your turn:  What does the Thoreau quote mean to you? How has God revealed Himself to you this week?



  1. Yay for more contracted books!! Hooray!

    I've been moving toward my dreams for a few years now and this summer, everything seemed to culminate at once. I know it was God--the perfect timing, multiple doors seemingly flung open at once. And it's made these past three years of work seem oh-so-worth it! But I know there will come days in the future when I need to hold onto the hope and confidence I feel right now...life just has these up and down seasons, yes, but if we can keep move forward confidently, putting our hope in God and not our own efforts, we will have joy and peace and yes, dreams-come-true!

    1. Excellent Melissa!! I am so happy for you!

      Yes the hardwork does pay off. Endure to the end! My first book was completed over 21 years. I look back on that journey with fondness because I know God's timing is perfect!

  2. So excited to see your next books in print! :)

    And yeah, just when I feel like my world is going to fall apart, that's usually when God gives me just the pick-me-up I need. Glad he is doing that for you, friend!

  3. Thanks Linds!! I appreciate the support.