Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Fridays!!

A New Job!

Since most of you know I started a new job this week, I thought I'd ask you about your least favorite job and your most favorite job.

As for me?  Well, it's a tie for my least favorite job:  Food Lion (in North Carolina) and Hallmark (in Phoenix).

At Food Lion I worked with nice people, but the managers weren't very good so a part time job began to turn into a fulltime job with no days off. And the actual work was booooring. Cashiering before there were scanners? Not fun!

Mt other least favorite: Hallmark. And I was once a janitor, too, but Hallmark was worse.

 You'd think working in a little card shop would be fun, right? No.  The boss lady didn't like me very much. So we clashed often. But I don't blame her completely. I was in a low point spiritually and it showed in my attitude and behavior. Not a very good experience.

Most favorite job:  Bailiff'

No, I didn't wear a uniform or sidearm. In Maricopa County, the sheriff's deputies did all that. Bailiffs assist the Judge in the courtroom, handle the case files, and take care of the jury during impanelment and trials. 

I had a blast working there! I worked for a wonderful Judge and his staff was amazing. I loved them all like family. For seven years I got to listen to fascinating trials...especially the murder trials!  That was a most memorable seven years.

Now I am about to enter a new adventure as a teacher. I have a good feeling this job will be a most memorable career!

Your turn: what was your least favorite job and most favorite job so far? Explain...

Happy Friday!


  1. My least favorite...well, I think you know what that one was. ;) If management isn't supportive, and is, in fact, detrimental, that isn't a good environment for me.

    Most favorite? I loved my first job out of college. I worked from home full time. It was suh-weet!

    1. Oh yes. To work from home would be nice! After I retire from teaching, Lord willing, I will write from home and teach online. Yay!

  2. Ooh, my least favorite job is easy--I spent one summer between college semesters working at a department store. I hated it!

    Favorite job--this one's harder to pinpoint. I loved working at the newspaper after college. But I love the ministry I work for now. There are definitely some things I liked more about the newspaper as far as what I actually did day-in and day-out, but it's also pretty awesome to work for a Christ-centered organization with such amazing coworkers. It's a toss-up. :)

    1. I have a feeling you're going to be a fulltime writer soon, Melissa!

      Working for a Christian org would be very nice.

  3. Working as a waitress for a very short time was my least favorite. I'm a really awful waitress and do not like rude customers.

    Favorite jobs are what I'm doing now, counseling and writing.

    All the best on the new job!